January 31, 2018

The feel of the uneven pebble beneath my feet always brings back happy memories. Brighton is one of my favourite places, the smell of sea air, sounds of playful music from the pier and the pitch of seagulls will make it all so magical. 


The Grand Brighton hotel was my accommodation of choice which reached every expectation with Its grand entrance and marble path which lead all the way through into the lobby, to the warm welcoming of the staff. In awe, I went to the room where I was going to spend the weekend getaway. After setting down my EDDIE Bader holdall that held my weekend bits, I was ready to explore with the


by my side. 


The Brighton bandstand, a magical place, where tourist goes and take romantic pictures was my first stop, As I was out for the day, I had my camera, wallet, snacks, extra makeup and perfume within the contents of my EDDIE bag. Shopping was a huge part of my trip, Brighton is known for unique shopping with its labyrinth lanes and quirky shops. Also in the evening, switching up my outfit to a night time, still with my Little Vita by my side to go to an all vegan restaurant. Still looking classic but casual. 


Using the EDDIE Bader Holdall for luggage and accompanying my outfits with the Little Vita. It concluded the perfect getaway! 




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September 2, 2017