MOTHER'S DAY: The Perfect Bouquet.

March 21, 2018


 This Mother's Day, we have come up with the perfect bouquet for you to make at home. With your own personal touch you can make a truly thoughtful gift to celebrate your mother on her special day. With an added bonus of it costing only £30 using flowers from Waitrose and a few extra pieces from a local Florist. 


You will need: 

. 3-6 types of flowers of your choice (We are using Spring Crocus, Hyacinth, Tulip & Rose)

. 1-3 different types of foliage (We are using Pussy Willow, Eucalyptus & Catkin)

. Garden scissors  

. Rubber band 

. Vase 

. Ribbon 

Step 1:

Lay out your flowers into piles make sure that you know which flowers you want to make the focal point in the flower arrangement. We’ve picked Pussy Willow, Eucalyptus Spring, Crocus, Hyacinth, Catkin, Tulip, Rose. 

Step two: 

Take your vase and your ribbon of choice and tie around three times and secure with a bow. You can style the bow in which ever way you like. 

Step three:

Take some of the flowers and bunch them up (about 6-10 stems), then add some foliage. Don't be afraid to mix and match colours and textures. 

Step four:

Keep repeating this and adding in flowers and foliage around the main bunch 

Step five:

Secure the bunch with a rubber band or string and start cutting the ends of the stems to size, once the bouquet is secured, fan our and tweak the final bunch. 

Step six:

Place the bunch into your vase (add water before) and with the remaining flowers and foliage, add in if needed. 




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September 2, 2017

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